Camino Primitivo – Land of the Celts

Galicia is the land of the Celts. Many traditions like the bagpipe, called the gaita, date back to pre-Roman times. 

According to legend the Celts already walked the Camino as a processional route while following the milky way.

Walking on this ancient path and seeing these old homes with stone and slate one does lose the sense of time and space. Parts of the forest trail are pure solitude.

The jolt into reality when coming into the Spanish towns is all the more real. Spain is a noisy country and you don’t find a cafe, bar or Albergue without a blaring TV.  Last night the news had just come in about the brutal murder of a French priest by IS terrorists. 

He must have been as innocent and warm-hearted as the Spanish priest of about the same age who blessed us pilgrims in the little church in Fonsagrada. Psalm 23 (The Lord is my Shepard) seemed particularly poignant in that moment.

Inevitably some of the pilgrims were asking: ‘Well how safe are we on the Camino?’ and for that matter in public places. 

There is no alternative. We cannot let our lives be dictated by these evil and deranged people. Send out light and goodness. Let us stay in trust that humanity will prevail over fear and darkness.

Reino Gevers – coach, trainer, author

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  1. Well put, Reino! We can NOT let our lives be dictated by the fear-mongering of others. God bless you on your journey. . . Jim

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