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My latest book “Deep Walking – for Body, Mind and Soul” has been published by Morgan James Publishing ,New York.  The central theme: Walking is one of the best and most underrated forms of exercise that can help us reconnect with nature and the universal force.  It can be obtained at all places where good books are sold. Check out some of the reviews here

It is a non-fiction follow-up on my novel:  “Walking on Edge – A Pilgrimage to Santiago” is available in both paperback and kindle.

It’s a novel based on true characters I met on my  walks on the Camino in Spain and my own experience in “walking the edge.”

The Camino is a crash course in the lessons of life. Thousands of people all over the world are rediscovering this ancient path as a means of self-discovery and spiritual renewal.

I personally had truly life-changing experiences on the Camino like so many of the other pilgrims I’ve met on the Way. These people have been the inspiration in writing these two books.

Thousands of people are each year rediscovering the ancient pilgrimage paths of northwestern Spain as a modern route to self-discovery and spiritual renewal.

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