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Feeding the narcissist

We are living in the age of the narcissist. Social media has opened a Pandora’s Box which has provided the ideal tool for the narcissist personality to tap into toxic emotions that have swept him into political power.

Narcissists are obsessed with attention

The narcissist first and foremost feeds on attention. He is obsessed with it and will do anything to be the talk of the town. He will rant and insult with every tweet, knowing that this will keep fueling the fire of the boiling cauldron.

Narcissist leaders are especially dangerous because they are unaware of what effect their words have on certain ears. The rightwing extremist will read a tweet by the person in authority ranting about immigrants as validation to take a gun and open fire on innocent people of color in a supermarket.


Photo by Manyu Varma on Unsplash

Insulting indigenous people for their calls to protect the Amazon rainforest is seen as the green light by illegal loggers and miners to set fire to the earth’s largest still intact ecosystem.  It gets to the point where a British prime minister and his supporters would rather take into account an unprecedented economic disaster than losing face on their commitment to leaving the European Union.

The narcissist is only in love with himself

The larger consequences for a country, society and our planet are of secondary importance to the narcissist. He is only in love with himself and in his self-aggrandizement.

A narcissist feels that it is his right to vent anger no matter what effect this has on everyone around. He is on a mission in dividing and polarizing a society, family, political party or religious group. It is a hallmark of this personality that they are immune to the effects their actions have on everyone else. The primary purpose is to keep on churning the marketing machine of name recognition.

Narcissist culture turns the lie into truth 

We are living in dangerous times where part of the narcissist culture is to turn the lie into a truth. Scientists are defamed as messengers of “fake news” and lose their jobs. Narcissists are experts at gaslighting where the truth is manipulated in such a way that the recipient of the message will start having doubts about his/her own sanity.  They are experts at changing the narrative to serve their own truth. Sowing confusion and spreading disinformation is part of the methodology of the narcissist who then postulates himself onto the stage as the only purveyor of the truth.  Their charisma will enchant people into their orbit but the narcissist will dump them like a useless object when they are no longer needed. Those who have the audacity to reveal the lies and deceit will find themselves at the receiving end of personal insult and bullying. The narcissist is very good at dishing out but is very thin-skinned when at the receiving end.

The Narcissist feeds on toxic emotion and drama 

The current crop of narcissist leaders will stop at nothing and have no problem in leaving scorched earth in their wake.  Especially the news media needs to stop falling for the bait that is thrown at them with every rant and tweet. We need to be mindful of the angry conversations centering around these disturbed personalities. It is the energy they are feeding on and that keeps them dictating the narrative of the day.

Smokescreens are thrown at us while the forest is burning. Narcissists are experts at tapping into the undercurrent of anger and drama that in most cases has its roots in bad personal choices or family history.  It is painful and a long process of self-introspection to accept responsibility for one’s own actions that have directly been responsible for a predicament.  But it is the precondition to the start of the healing process that needs to take place both individually and on a global level.

Reino Gevers – Author, Mentor, and Consultant



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The choices we make

By Reino Gevers
trump__clintonIts official: Donald Trump has been chosen as the 45th U.S. president, like it or not. Here in Europe and elsewhere in the world most people woke up to the news with absolute disbelief and shock.  Only about five per cent of Germans would have voted for him, according to one opinion poll.

A lot of sincere, honest and good people I know in the U.S. have voted for Trump. I see a lot of similarity to the Brexit vote in the United Kingdom. Defying all the pollsters and predictions from political analysts, a lot of people out there are very angry and frustrated with the political establishment. It appears that a large percentage of the Trump and the Brexit voters can be found  among blue collar workers, people who have lost their jobs in once booming manufacturing industries and who are not getting by financially in new badly paid services jobs or dont have a job at all.

When societies undergo tumultuous changes, where all the old values certainties start crumbling, toxic emotions are triggered. Where fear reigns, the demagogue appealing to basic survival instincts, has easy play.

Trump is promising to make America great again and to double economic growth. Disappointment is inevitable. I remember very well the euphoria after Barack Obama was chosen as the first black American president. Did it change the lives of the ordinary working family in the U.S. or the rest of the world? And a Trump presidency won’t be working miracles either. Nor would a Hillary Clinton have worked wonders for that matter.

Its an illusion that a government,  a president, an employer, a parent or anyone else out there can make you a happier, healthier and a more contented person. Unfortunately politics is massively fuelling this deception and creating a culture of entitlement.  My take on this is that the world has become far too complex for any one government or leader to make a difference. We need a major cultural change of attitude.

Whether you become a happier, more successful, healthier and contented person is a result of the personal choices you make. And  the first step is taking over responsibility for everything that happens in your life:

  • We cannot control external events but we do control our reaction to them.
  • We do have a choice of what people we surround ourselves with. Who are your friends? Are they upbeat, positive or have a preominantly negative outlook on life? We become the sum of the five people we surround ourselves most with.
  • What do you feed your mind and body with?
  • What are your five most cherished values and who is the person you know who emanates them the most?

Life is a learning curve and we cannot delegate resonsibility to others.  I love that famous quote from John F. Kennedy at his inaugural speech on January 20th 1961: “My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”

Reino Gevers – Mentoring for Leaders and Achievers


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