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Okt_2012 024Most of us are well aware that staying healthy is important – at a rational level. On an emotional, psychological level most of us treat our bodies like machines that need a “mechanic” now and then if it starts spluttering. I would like to send the message that it is truly liberating to know that to a large extent you can control how healthy and happy you are going to be, even at a ripe old age.
On a technical level the human race has made enormous strides forward. The downside is that many of our inventions have made us lazy on a psychological and physical level. In many respects we are going backward. We are eating foods that poison our bodies. We don’t get enough exercise to keep our body metabolism in balance and on a mind level we don’t really take enough time out to reflect on what we are actually doing to ourselves.
It is time for a revolution on a mind level!
Jakobsweg2011 436
My name is Reino Gevers. I was born in a small town in the South African province of KwaZulu Natal. During my early childhood I learned a lot from interaction with the Zulus who were far closer to nature than us whites. We milked cows by hand, swam in rivers, crafted animal figures with clay or ate puto (maize meal) together from a big pot on an open fireplace. Today that world is no longer. South African society too has become urbanised, even in the rural areas. It was only in the mid 1990s, living in Germany, that I discovered the Chinese body arts and the ancient Five Element teachings from early Daoist Chinese philosophy. Many of the teachings were not that far away from the natural rhythm that the Zulus have with nature, the seasons and the elements.
The respect for our own body and Mother Nature has become more important than ever. We treat the world in which we live, like we treat our own bodies. It is the central theme in my book: “Yield and Overcome.” Walking “it off” is also a theme in my latest book:,”Walking on Edge: A Pilgrimage to Santiago,” – a novel about finding soul purpose and meaning during a walk on the Camino. Based on the Spanish island of Majorca, I spend much of my free time in the nature of the Tramuntana mountains.

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