What motivates employees?


There is a saying that at least every second worker is demotivated and has half his foot out of the door, looking for another job or with his mind on “automatic” in doing only those tasks that need to be done.

Employees often cite the reasons as having to deal with an annoying boss, a low salary, an uncomfortable work space, or stupid rules. Frederick Herzberg, Distinguished Professor of Management at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, is quoted as saying that even if managed brilliantly, most employees are still not motivated to work much harder or smarter.

“People are motivated, instead, by interesting work, challenge, and increasing responsibility. These intrinsic factors answer people’s deep-seated need for growth and achievement,” Herzberg is quoted as saying.

In our globalized market place there are fewer and fewer jobs out there that really fulfill basic human needs. There is no room for individual…

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