Muscle tension and stress

Thought I would reblog this as it fits with my previous article on reconnecting with the web of life


Psychological stress and tension affects us on many levels. A stiff neck and shoulders or back pain are typical symptoms.


When we face stress the body is flooded by stress hormones such as adrenalin, noradrenaline and cortisol. These cause the muscles to tighten up. In extreme cases the muscle fibres pressure the blood vessels causing circulatory disorder that can trigger inflammation.

A good circulation is particularly important to flush acidic waste or other products from cell tissue. Lack of nutrients and too much acidity typically cause fatigue and pain.

We might feel a stinging pain, sensitivity to pressure and limitation to body movements. Tense muscles or pain causes further tensing-up which puts us into a vicious cycle of stress and pain.

With most people doing office jobs we are top-heavy, meaning there is a lot of pressure and tension in the upper part of the body with the lower abdomen…

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