South Africa on the brink?


jacobzumaandhispredecessorsThere is a saying that a country is as good as its leader. South Africa was an example to the world during Nelson Mandela’s presidency during the 1990s when it showed the world how to reconcile different ethnic groups in a new democratic rainbow nation.

Sadly, South Africa’s current president Jacob Zuma is showing the world how a patronage system of bad governance can send a whole nation into a dangerous downward spiral.

Zuma plunged the country’s economy into a tailspin by firing a competent finance minister for no apparent reason, replacing him with a complete unknown, then backtracking and re-appointing a previous holder of the key portfolio.

South Africa is a land of many paradoxes, having brought  forth some of the world’s best leaders such as Mandela, Mahatma Ghandi and Jan Smuts. It is a land of pristine beauty and at the same time a country ridden by extreme…

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