Camino Primitivo – Faith and Fear

One of the many lessons on the Camino is  dealing with life’s ups-and-downs. After a bad night in the fly infested village of Borres, today was one of the most physically challenging sections I have walked on the Camino.

 It is called the Hospital Route because the ruins of the hospitals run by nuns for pilgrims in the Middle Ages can be found in several places at an altitude of 700-1200 metres. The modern day Camino is a walk in the park compared to what the pilgrims accomplished centuries ago who were on the road for months many not surviving. 

For the past few days I have bonded with an interesting group of pilgrims from Italy, France, Spain, Denmark and a teacher-radio journalist from Germany.  Poor Frans from the Czech Republic is having a really hard time not understanding any of the languages spoken here. I saw him the first time a couple of days ago having a really hard time getting up a hill – one of those Peregrinos who are really suffering physically. But I’ve never heard him complain always smiling and greeting us with a cheery Buen Camino! A Hospitaliero (inn keeper) wrote in his Credential (camino passport)

 ‘Have Faith in the Path and you will forget your Fears’

The other interesting Peregrino we met yesterday was Guillermo, who is on the Camino with his donkey Marcel and his dog Willy. They are a real attraction with Marcel greeting every horse on the paddock with a ear-piercing ‘eeh ahhhh!’

Reino Gevers – coach, trainer, author

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