Another hill to climb?

Tuscany, Italy: Day 6 on the Via Francigena – Monteroni to Ponte d’Arbia

A deep walking pilgrimage experience is an analogy of life. The last leg prior to reaching a destination is often the hardest.

I was again reminded of this on the steep winding path toward the medieval  fortress village of Monteriggioni which is positioned on a hilltop, dominating the rolling hills of the Tuscany landscape.

After spending most of my life in a safe job and earning a good salary, the ripple effects of the digital revolution in the media industry forced me to move from journalism into my own health consultancy business ten years ago. I had no idea how difficult it would be to generate enough income to even keep paying for running mortgages and other expenses.

I started off doing “cold calls” just to win over a few clients. I  took part in pitches and tenders that looked very promising, then collapsed at the last minute. In addition the taxman refused by even one-day to extend the deadline for a massive payment. During the first years there was far more expenditure than income. It is the reason why most people starting off on their own business give-up during the first three years. Very often a specific target is set by when a certain income has to be achieved. When  this doesn’t work out the frustration is huge and the surrender even more.

When you reach the top there is yet another hill to climb

“You reach the top of a hill and then you realize there is yet another hill to climb,” one of my mentors said to me in encouraging me never to give up. The wheel did turn eventually and much more than I had anticipated.  If I had given up at the time I would never have forgiven myself.

There is no easy road to success. It boils down to consistently doing the right thing over a long period of time, and not to stay too fixated on the long-term goal. Sometimes you have to readjust on the way. So often I had to learn that my intention was not in synchronicity with what the universe had in mind.

When you have everything just nicely set-up and planned God comes with a different script.  

 Just when you think you have mastered all the teachings, you have to be particularly watchful of the ego-traps. It is when you start telling yourself: “Oh, I know it now. I’ve heard that before: Other people don’t get it because they aren’t that far yet.”

Life is a learning journey which stops when your soul enters a different dimension.  When you think you have understood it, the listening and the learning stops. You will fail to perceive what the universe is trying to whisper into your ear.

Leaving Siena on a rainy morning yesterday we have had to make several adjustments to our plans, cutting the long route to Ponte di’ Abria into two shorter 13 kilometer sections.  Changing weather conditions, lack of accommodation and walking untrodden paths are inevitably part of the experience. One of the lessons learned on this day is patience in accepting the things that cannot be changed and to react accordingly.

After a heavy thunderstorm during the night the air had cleared with beautiful blue sky on the short walk to Buenoconvento, another medieval town with a beautiful old gateway at the entrance.

Reino Gevers – Author. Mentor. Speaker

One more thing…

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