Healing the division

Millions of people all over the world have been mesmerized by the elections in the United States that reflect the current underlying polarization of society. The world is becoming more diverse and at the same time more averse to rapid cultural and economic changes.

Change triggers fear

Change is always accompanied by fear and where there is fear there is anger that quickly finds expression in rage and violence. It is the perfect breeding ground for demagogues who follow their own agenda in muddying the waters with lies, half-truths, conspiracy theories and behavior that breaks all norms of common decency.

We are living in an era where social media is largely determining public opinion. We no longer have the overriding influence of traditional media that have acted as gatekeepers to prevent fake, unsourced news from reaching the public domain. In contrast to social media they are liable for the content they disseminate.

Social media is amplifying toxic emotions

A real danger is that social media have algorithms in place that amplify the toxic emotions of fear, hatred, xenophobia, and intolerance. Their entire business model is based on boosting “likes” and “shares”. And its the most outrageous lies, conspiracy theories, and temper tantrums that get shared most. Anyone can put anything out there to stir the melting pot, and it is bound to find resonance in the echoing chambers of social media platforms with a global audience of hundreds of millions of people.

Who is stirring all the hatred, fury and conspiracy theories. It is more important than ever to stand guard at the doorway of your soul.
Photo by M.T ElGassier on Unsplash


The watchword here is. Who is stirring intolerance, hatred, anger, fury, violence, and division between us here and them there? How can I as an individual lend support to the softer voices of reason, unity, tolerance, respect, kindness, mindfulness, awareness and the common thread of humanity?

  • How much negativity are you letting into your system?
  • What media or information are you consuming on a regular basis that is having a toxic effect on your emotions?

What is happening in the political arena or in the external world generally only has a marginal effect on your personal day-to-day life if you practice a positive mind-set.

Emotional shifting

What am I grateful for today? Which friends, people, books expand my energy and spiritual horizons? What activities would improve my vibrational energy right now?

One of my favorite methods is emotional shifting. When I feel a toxic emotion such as anger creeping its way into my system, I try to refocus on a positive memory or experience that gets me back into “happy mode”. It can be small things like the beautiful sunset or a bird singing in the garden.

Reino Gevers – Author. Mentor. Speaker

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