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Are you lost?

Are you finding yourself lost and alone? Just when you thought you were on the right track you find yourself hitting a wall and not knowing a way out.

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We have all had those moments. At times I have not only found myself lost on a remote mountain on the Camino in northwestern Spain but also on life’s journey. Inevitably I would get lost when I missed an important way marker while daydreaming and avoiding the warning signs from the universe.

Heeding the early warning signs when something is wrong

The universe will always be whispering to you. Especially when you are on the wrong track the whispers could turn into a “shout out”. Inevitably there will be those early warning signs where you feel intuitively that something is wrong.

A person is asking you to lend them money. They tell you they will most certainly pay you back within a month. There is that first feeling that you shouldn’t be doing this but the person is so convincing that you push that first doubt aside. Of course you remember that thought again when the person never complies and you have lost your money.

Past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior

Despite a person’s charm the best predictor of a person’s future behavior is that person’s past behavior. Very few people can disguise for any length of time their true character traits. A pity then that falling in love often gets in the way of making a realistic assessment of a person’s character.

There are those small tell-tale signs. Small lies turn into big lies. Repeated assurances that it will not happen again. A change in the tone of voice, a look in the eye and you know something is just not right.

Trusting what the body is trying to tell you

The body is an excellent compass when it comes to trusting your intuition, and knowing. When does my energy expand? When is my energy getting depleted? Ignoring the inner voice of truth for any length of time will inevitably impact your mental and physical health.

Sleepless nights. A common cold not wanting to go away and pointing to a more serious underlying health issue? Regular high blood pressure problems indicating a high stress level and putting you at risk of a stroke or heart attack?

Very few crisis situations simply come out of the blue. Like getting lost on a walk it takes some time before you realize that you are on the wrong path. A call from a passing farmer might alert you to going back onto the right path. Advice from a good friend might prevent you from making a bad decision. But sometimes you do end up getting lost hopelessly. Such crisis situations however can be important lessons in the elevation of consciousness.

Lessons to be learning in a crisis

If you have the feeling that you have placed your ladder against the wrong wall, are unhappy with your situation, and maybe going through a period of sadness and depression, here is something you might consider doing:

  • What is my current situation trying to teach me?
  • What has the universe been trying to whisper to my soul?
  • What past experience feels similar and how did I get out of that situation?

If you feel lost or are finding yourself in a personal crisis situation it always means that something needs to change, has to be reconfigured, realigned, surrendered, let go-of.

But the fear of change and moving out of a comfort zone is one of the biggest human fears. The suffering in the silent misery of procrastination comes from the misconception that we are victims of external circumstance. But it is only half of the truth.

Our greatest freedom is the freedom of choice

The universe, or God, has at the same time given man the freedom of choice. The freedom of choice starts with your mindset. Am I programming myself into a victim mentality? Or am I programming myself to becoming a co-creator in the firm belief that whatever challenge I am confronted with is part of the lesson to be learned of an eternal soul on an evolutionary path of the human experience.

We make mistakes, take the wrong turns, trust the wrong people, make bad choices. It is part of the human condition. We are on a journey, picking up the cues and lessons while on the way.

Reino Gevers – Author. Mentor. Speaker

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Long term effects of stress on the cellular level

In my previous blog I wrote about typical symptoms of psychological stress such as a stiff neck and shoulders. These are in most cases the first signals the body is sending “of a load too much to carry.”

Long-term effects of stress are far more serious. High blood pressure over many years often leads to a stroke, a heart attack or other serious health problems.

When the body is under constant stress it is more or less in a state of war with havoc caused on many levels. Muscles and blood vessels tighten up and begin to tear. Tendons are damaged.

Every cell is working overtime in trying to get the necessary nutrients. The body already has to deal with all the toxins found in processed food, chemicals, water and the atmosphere. In stress situations, cellular malfunction becomes more frequent. With the cells unable to do their job properly this eventually leads to organ malfunction.

But there are many warning signs that something must be wrong such as chronic fatigue, neurological disorders, gastric problems, or acute infections, pain in the joints. The cells are literally screaming out for help that a certain organ or system is heading for a major problem.

During such a “state of war” the only protection is giving the cells enough of the vital nutrients to deal with the constant assault. It has been found that chronic fatigue or “burnout” patients often have an acute deficit of essential nutrients such as Omega 3 fatty acids which keeps the stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline under control. While the body has an abundance of carbohydrates and fats there is an acute lack of magnesium, calcium and other essential nutrients.


So removing the toxins from the cells with the right nutrients and providing them with the right source of energy is the way to go. It is estimated that 70 per cent if not more of our health is attributed to lifestyle habits with only a small portion affected by genes, injuries or other factors.

There is compelling evidence that the chronic shortage of Omega 3 fatty acids in most foods is responsible for many psychological disorders such as depression and Attention Deficity Syndrome (ADS).

Eating the right superfoods will do a lot to reduce stress and anxiety and help provide the essential nutrients to the cells. Here are some:



  • Avocados are rich in Vitamin B and monunsaturated fat and potassium which can help lower blood pressure.
  • Fish such as salmon is rich in Omega 3
  • Fresh spinach, broccoli, kale and other rich greens are packed with vital magnesium and other vitamins.
  • Sweet potatoes are a good alternative to carbohydrates and the urge to eat sugars when we have too much cortisol in our bodies.
  • Almonds, pistachios and walnuts have all those B and E vitamins which help boost the immune system and help lower blood pressure.
  • And, here is the absolute top of the pops – chia seed. According to legend it was already a powerfood for the Aztecs. It has a multitude of nutrients. It is packed with Omega 3. A little chia in your juice or salad will provide your daily intake of calcium which is essential for bone and teeth density. It will provide at least 30 per cent of the manganese and phosphorus you need for the day. The amino acid tryptophan helps regulate the appetite and has a strong mood influence. Chia seeds have also been shown to improve blood pressure for diabetics.
  • Reducing carbohydrates in your food and doing away with industrial sugars and salts will do a lot to overcome the high-and-low energy cycles.

Remember the state of your health now is the result of the life you have been leading the past five years. Nothing is as rewarding as feeling physically and emotionally in top form which also immensely improves your coping-strategy in stress situations.



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